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liam camilleri

Step - by - step example of how we create our Geometric/Poly Art.
Apart from the canvas and merchandise in our shop, we can also create personalized geometric/poly art upon request.


What is Geometric Art?

Geometric Art is created using geometric elements, shapes… Geometric art is inspired from geometry.

Geometry… a branch of mathematics related of shape, size, and relative position of figures.

Step 1

Step 1.png

Choosing the right photo or picture you want to create your new work of art.

Step 2

Step 2.png
Step 2 A.png

We choose which part to start with. By choosing the left arm of the model, we now start to draw triangles all across forming together the shades and form of the arm till we complete.

By viewing the photos of step 2, you will see the photo on the right is constructed from the one on the left. The only difference is that on the right, the model is not in the picture as in the photo on the left.

Step 3

Step 3.png
Step 3 A.png
Step 3 B.png

In step 3 we have chosen to work on our model's right hand, which we can see in green.

The photo on the left shows how the work progresses along the original photo.

The photo in the middle shows what the image is looking like only in triangles.

The photo on the right is a zoom from the middle photo to show the amount of detail there is only in the fingers themselves.

Step 4

Step 4.png
Step 4 A.png

Same routine goes for Step 4. This time we worked on the model's body.

Step 5

Step 5.png
Step 5 A.png

In step 5, we cover the face with the eyes, mouth, nose and all other features with a huge amount of detail.

Step 6

Step 6.png
Step 6 A.png

In step 6, we cover the last area, which is the hair before we move to the next steps. It is important for the final result, that a huge amount of detail is put in.

Once the job is completed, we can now see that the amount of detail put in the 'wireframe' work, is already enough to make us see all the details, such as the eyes, nose, hair, hand, mouth etc, and know what we are working with.

In other words, by looking at the 'wireframe' work, you can see all the detail and understand that it is the model that has been re created.

Steps 7 - 11

Step 7.png
Step 8.png
Step 9.png
Step 10.png
Step 11.png

Our next steps are to take each section, one by one again. This time, we will colour each triangle we produced to make up the images.

  • Step 7 - The right arm

  • Step 8 - The Body

  • Step 9 - The left arm

  • Step 10 - The face

  • Step 11 - The hair

Step 11 than completes the artwork. In this case, we do not have a background to trace, so we will just add, in step 12, a one-coloured background, whereas with other works, there would be the need of doing the same thing with a background too, such as trees, buildings, sea, sky etc.

Other works like what is being sold in our shop can give you an idea of different backgrounds applied to the job.

Step 12

Step 12.png

We have now produced the background with the model's favourite colour and finally, we send it for printing to turn it into a canvas, and an ideal personalised gift.

Step 13

Printed on cotton canvas and handed over to our happy client


Is this artwork computer generated?

While this artwork is worked with a computer software, it is NOT generated by a computer but it COMPLETELY HAND traced, coloured and produced.

Can you re create any photo or picture provided?

Yes, any photo or picture can be reproduced into this artwork, to be afterwards printed on any medium. The more complex the photo or picture, the higher the price.

Can you produce part of a photo or picture?

Yes, anything can be done. 

Can you produce this artwork on a different medium apart from canvas?

Yes, this artwork can be produced on any medium. the most common is canvas, but it can be printed on any other medium such as glass, metal etc.

Can you produce this artwork on any size of canvas or other medium?

Sizes in our shop are the standard sizes, but we can print on requested sizes or mediums.

How long does it take to produce this artwork?

Every artwork is different. It depends on the detail on hand. The artwork shown above took almost three (3) weeks of work. Some could take less, and other more. The more the detail, the longer the time taken to produce it. Printing usually takes from two (2) days up to a maximum of five (5) days to have the product in hand.

We suggest contacting us if you have a tight time frame so as to see if it can be worked in time.

How much does it cost to produce this artwork?

When it comes to this kind of project, one has to evaluate the job at hand. A quote will be given beforehand.

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