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About Liam Camilleri

Liam Camilleri has been in the designing business for numerous years. One of his main lines of work is in the property industry. However, Liam has also done jobs as Marketing Director, Media Officer, Interior Design & nonetheless Graphic Design.
Liam has found his passion for Graphic Design more than any other previous roles although he has enjoyed learning & making important experiences, which helped him to grow his knowledge in sectors of various industries.

"When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go."


Carol Burnett -

Image by Jens Kreuter

Our future


"From History, we learn lessons that at times should never be repeated in the future.."


"By building, learning, working & making various experiences slowly, through the years I have learned that you can never sit still & base yourself on you have done years ago. Everything in life is in constant evolution. Design, in any form, is something that changes very frequently. New styles, new colours, new software, new procedures... The list is long.

There are four main factors, which in my opinion can define a designer from another. From what distinguishes one to another to rise from the pack & never out-date him/herself.

  1. Constant, daily sourcing. Looking for new ideas, learning new techniques, studying new features and keeping current with all affairs. You never have arrived at a point where you can say you know it all... NEVER... You learn something new every day.

  2. Think outside of the box. Always look ahead, think of new ideas whilst you keep yourself updated & never losing touch with current systems.

  3. LISTEN to your clients. Not just what they say, listen to what comes from the heart & the passion they have for their business because those are the "words" which will determine the difference between yourself & any other designer.

  4. You do not work to only be the best. you work to make your clients happy, you work because you love what you do & what you do will give people pride in what THEY do.

As you might have noticed whilst browsing my site, you might have realized that in my portfolio I keep things quite bare. The reason is simple. What others like, is not what you might like. I believe in tailor-made ideas, variety, innovation & originality. No job is the same, no client is the same, no business is the same even if they are in the same line of work. We all have different ideas, we all have different techniques and we all see things in a different way.

In business, one of the most prominent questions is, Where do you want to be in 5 years time? That is a question I like to ask myself often. Although asking yourself the question is not quite enough, you need to give yourself an answer.

I have created the Liam C. brand & built on it to cover a variety of experiences. Graphic design is where I find my feet best & it is where I feel I am myself & have the possibility of thinking outside the box constantly.

What the brand Liam C. holds in the future is growth, innovation & originality. As we plan to keep growing in the graphic design industry, Liam C. is not going to remain JUST graphic design, but become a brand.

I have already started introducing the brand in the technological area of smartwatch faces & this is just the first step. My idea is to keep a hold of the graphic design, the clients, the service & the innovation as graphic design is very important with an after-sales service that lasts a lifetime. The brand is going to grow by designing items trademarked Liam C. where we will also produce fashion items, gadgets & goods carefully crafted, designed & introduced to the market like any other renowned brand we might know about today."



Our Expertise


"In life, it is important to remain humble & understand that you never know enough, you do not know it all & you never will.."

Given the quote above, it would be hypocritical to say we are experts in any particular field. We DO consider ourselves good at what we do, but we do know that being imaginative, original & capable of thinking outside of the box, gives us an edge over many other designers, some even in the industry before we made our steps in it.

We know what we are doing & we do it with passion. The end result is what our expertise will show & we know that in the end we can guarantee your satisfaction & above all, we always try go present more than one might expect, looking for the "WOW" factor & expression of our clients.



Our Commitment


"We are committed to give the best the client wishes for & will not settle for anything less."

Our commitment is to ensure that the client is not just a number or a job we have at hand. Our clients are our lifestyle.


Why do we see you as our lifestyle?

We see our clients as our lifestyle because in any task assigned to the company, we fully immerse ourselves in their business lifestyle. We believe that we must understand their business, their competition, their needs, their ideas, their vision... Being in complete sync with our clients makes us deliver what they want, because understanding them & living their business lifestyle for the whole length of the project is the only way to imagine their business and the way they work. This makes sure that our commitment makes us project graphically what their ideas are by adding our professional touch over and above all the information acquired to develop their project.

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